Huge Variety of Games & Prizes

Our facility has over 50+ arcade games including video games as well as redemption games! Come in & play popular old school arcade games such as space invaders & ski ball. Or try some new school games such as fruit ninja, guitar hero, temple run, walking dead and many more! Win lots of tickets to get a prize at our redemption counter!

All games require a Sportime USA Card which you can be purchased at our front desk. Games range from 1-8 Credits.

Redemption Counter

With over 100 prizes big and small to choose from, redeem in your tickets and take home an epic prize! Also save all your tickets for future day to win an even bigger prize just save your receipts.

Laser Frenzy

Step inside and you will be surrounded by a web of laser beams. Just like in spy movies, you must navigate carefully to duck and avoid the lasers to reach your mission. Strategize and crawl through the maze to the finish with a high score!